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Researching Urban Ethics: Notes from an Urban Geographer

Rainer Kazig, CNRS Grenoble

In the field of urban geography, the subject of 'Urban Ethics' is a largely neglected area, so that at first glance, one would hardly expect contributions from this discipline to the research project underlying this conference. Closer inspection shows that geographical urban research certainly does have conceptual and methodological experience that could be relevant to empirical research in the field of urban ethics. In my contribution, I would like to present some insights gained from this closer inspection, based on both my own research and, in the wider sense, the literature on urban geography.

Rainer Kazig is a human geographer and CNRS researcher at the CNRS research group “Ambiances architecturales et urbaines” in Grenoble. His research interests focus on environmental perception, everyday aesthetics and sensory geographies (atmospheres and affects). Since 2015, he is one of the directors of the International Ambiances Network (ambiances.net).