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Urban Ethics - Introductory Remarks

Moritz Ege/Urban Ethics Research Group, LMU Munich

This talk will sketch out the research group's approach to urban ethics and the questions that motivate the upcoming research. Starting with some observations on ethics and "ethicization" in urban politics, in social movements and in cultural theory in recent years, the presentation will give a brief introduction to the social, political, and/or cultural conflicts in and about cities that the research is concerned with. It will also put up for discussion some methodological challenges that arise from approaching ethics in an interdisciplinary setting and in regard to historically, socially and culturally diverging settings. In order to show how a focus on ethics can us help better understand the ways in which these conflicts are experienced, negotiated and fought over by different protagonists, the talk will suggest conceptual tools and perspectivisations towards better understanding the relationships between urban life and ethics.